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Mission & Vision


         We, the EXIN Family thrive to make your experience at EXIN better. In the year 1986, Exin was born with a mission in its creator’s minds: to provide professional training in the arena of design which was, then seldom available in the educational arena. To nurture and sharpen the knowledge and talent in design among young minds and inculcate a passion for the same among them. It was born to fuel aspirations and to open the doors of a whole new horizon in the world of fashion and architectural design. It was among the first to introduce the world to modern architecture, however, without leaving its colonial gleam.

Our mission continues to be the same, however with vast changes in the world of design, we have added to our missions, our aspiration to cater to the needs of the new world, to change with time, and to remain the pioneer in the world of design. We thrive to improve our services everyday and satisfy each of our clients and students.


We having made our mark in the arena of design, now look forward to shine in the following different fields, nurturing talent in versatile fields, and creating hundreds of job opportunities, with a vision to help the nation eradicate unemployment:

   EXIN IIT (imparting education in artificial intelligence)

   Courses in Multimedia and Mass Education

   Courses in Technology

   Entrepreneurship Development Program

   Courses in Humanities

   Courses in Literature and Languages

   Courses in IT and ITes

   Courses in Commerce

   Coaching Programs

   Courses in Health and Hospitality Management