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Why to choose EXIN ?

Ø  EXIN has been a career builder of thousands of designer hopefuls by introducing them to the skills needed to handle work in the real world.

Ø  We have always enjoyed leadership in introduction and implementation of new ideas and technology.

Ø  With a PAN India presence, EXIN has been nurturing young dreamers to help them learn the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Ø  EXIN aspires to cater to the multi-skill and multi-design needs for the multi-development of our students in multi-level of their curriculum.

Ø  EXIN has a Grade A reputation in delivering quality education, with some of the top experts helping shape the syllabi and deliver training. 

Ø  For the past three decades, students of EXIN have received numerous recognitions and recommendations by some of the biggest companies in the concerned industry.

Ø  The Institute has nurtured thousands of young talents and have succeeded in making them shine in the design sector, many of them later becoming trendsetters in design world.

Ø  Not only do we offer an excellent training program to nurture raw undiscovered talent, but EXIN also helps create a genuine opportunity to achieve the limelight.

Regular field trips are organized along with lectures, seminars, and visits to designers, industrialists, manufacturers and artists in order to broaden the students’ awareness of the design world and students get an opportunity to develop ties with the professional design community.

Ø  EXIN believes in the growth of students by enhancing their employability and making the process of learning interesting by developing their technical and motor skills and enhancing their knowledge. We also shape the minds of the students in respect to today's competitive world and is committed to the idea of enhancing purposeful education with human values and social responsibilities finally making the student all round professional. 

Ø  The detailed curriculum of EXIN gives our student the extra mileage and edge to excel in their professional career.

Our institution offers a 360 degree exposure to our students by helping them learn from the best of the best in the industry in various aspects of creativity and design thinking.

Ø  EXIN is proud to have been associated with various universities across the country like Mewar University, Techno University and Seacom Skills University.

Ø  We help our student to succeed in the designing field with an emphasis on training, career and practical and theoretical tuition.

Ø  EXIN offers an outstanding learning environment for students by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent curriculum and teaching methodology.

Ø  Since 1986, EXIN has been recognized as one of the most globally renowned institutes for Interior, Fashion & other courses in the country and has been constantly catering to the needs of industry. EXIN has earned a prestigious reputation for its diverse academic programs.

Ø  Over 23,000 of young people have chosen EXIN as their platform to rise to success.

Ø  Awareness of Digital Media as an exciting career option, EXIN has launched various programs in the arena of Digital Media Management & marketing,  creative arts like Animation, Visual FX, Game Design and Game Development etc.

Ø  It is the first private ITI in India with legacy above 36 years. EXIN has a pan-India presence and has even spread its wings in the international sphere.

Ø  EXIN provides an optimal environment which enables students to accomplish the objectives of their course of study. We provide a wealth of industry-standard equipments, software, tools and machines and with the right amount of industrial exposure the students prepare themselves for their career.

Ø  EXIN has spacious classrooms that can comfortably accommodate between  30 to 60 students. A digital projector is also available in every classroom.

Ø  The library offers a variety of information sources from textbooks and periodicals to international database and access to the Internet. Students   access information from electronic sources, databases, full text journals and newspapers.

Ø  The seminar hall is spacious and can accommodate approximately 100 – 150 students. It is fully air conditioned. It is equipped with projector, sound system and internet connection.

Ø  Design Studio consists of big tables, cutting mats and plenty of lights and space.

Ø  EXIN provide the miniature studio of model making where students can use all sorts of materials to create miniature models, sets, prototype, mock ups, with natural lights all around.

Ø  Students get a space to relax and socialize over break and play for fun with access to latest gaming consoles, home theatre, board games and also some place to seat and work together with friends.

Ø  Canteen is the place where students meet in groups and talk about creative activities. Canteen is not only for refreshment, it also is used to sit and write assignments. People gather  to talk, take peers opinion about the project.

Ø  Photography tour to Rajasthan, state full of ancient forts, enthusiastic culture and uneven desert dunes  for students exposure to the outside world. The students interacted with people on streets to capture their portraits. The students gained knowledge about preparing for Street, Travel and Landscape photography.

Ø   EXIN’s students trip to Singapore for visiting the Universal Studios, exhibited various themes like Hollywood, Ancient Egypt and Madagascar. This gave a tremendous experience to the students.

Ø   EXIN organized a photography tour to the Himalayan region, along with an enthralling Himalayan Winter Trekking, students enjoyed photographing the landscapes of snow mountain and street portraits of Sankri village, frozen Juda lake, Kedarnath, Hargaon camp etc.



Ø   Students of EXIN visited Mahabalipuram to get a real-time view of Design and Architectural History, rock cut architectural style of Pallava dynasty.

Ø  On Police Day, the students interacted for about half-an-hour with the police officials and DCP addressed the students and said that it was a very pleasant gesture.

Ø  EXIN  hosted a showcase of short films made by students .They depict various contemporary social issues like Dowry, human trafficking, to Women's struggle in a male dominated society, World Hunger etc through experimental narrative technique like 3D animation, Live-action, Stop-motion and Visual Effects were screened at this gala event.

Ø  EXIN India’s largest Global network of Fashion and Design Institutes offers programs in Fashion Styling, Interior Design & Styling, Luxury Brand Management, Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship and many more other skill oriented courses.

Ø  Besides the regular curriculum student becomes aware of all-new world of Fashion, Design, lifestyle, trends, updates, shows, events updated 24x7, anywhere by accessing EXIN’s web portal. EXIN’s aim to take education to the common man in India by providing quality education at affordable fees right at their doorstep.