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Mr Soumen Sarkar

Mr Soumen Sarkar

A Nationally recognized Architecture,  Interior Design, and Planning firm, EXIN was founded in 1986 in Kolkata. The firm of 10 architects, 20 interior designers, 02 historic preservationists, and 30 supporting staff, maintains a diverse and integrated portfolio demonstrating expertise in numerous market areas, including Higher Education, Cultural, Civic, Hospitality, and Residential. Clients are provided with comprehensive services whether projects involve new buildings, additions to buildings, renovations, or adaptive reuse.


Great buildings address the full human condition – cerebral, emotional, even spiritual – and are expressive of the human aspirations that inspire them, resonant with the traditions of their culture while translating and re-interpreting them for future generations. We pursue an architectural aesthetic that is based upon clarity, invention and resonance. We seek designs that link themselves to the long traditions of timeless buildings and places, reaching out to the past, the present, and even the future.


EXIN is known for its profound commitment to and experience in historic preservation and restoration.


EXIN views planning, whether campus master plans, urban design plans, neighborhood developments or other planning initiatives, as a natural extension of our philosophical approach to design.


In the places we love, architecture and interior design are woven together in a seamless and integrated fashion. Our interior designers, who are multi-faceted experts in their field, partner with clients and the architectural team to provide a completely interfaced and exacting program. From conceptual development to management to execution, the interior design for every project places emphasis on functional planning and discernment of how environments affect and influence the people who use them. Numerous projects have garnered media attention as well as local, regional, and national awards.


Along with planning and preservation strategies, Adaptive Reuse offers opportunities for conservation and creative thinking both architecturally and technically. EXIN has deep-rooted experience with adaptive reuse projects at every scale, and is known for addressing the unique architectural, preservation, and environmental challenges that accompany such projects.


Feasibility Studies are an opportunity to carefully evaluate the alignment of programmatic needs, site and building potential, (and assessment of existing structures where relevant) and required resources early in the process of determining whether a potential project can achieve desired results. EXIN excels at a common sense approach to defining and clarifying the scope, range, and cost of proposed projects. The team works with stakeholders to create, analyze, and evaluate alternative options and deftly guide decision-making towards a course of action and desired outcome.

To provide academic leadership to the Department and be accountable for the production and delivery of the Plan, setting out the strategy for the Department with the objective of ensuring that it is both academically and financially sustainable.

Delegate duties and responsibilities to other staff within a Departmental management team but retain accountability for them.

Provide academic leadership for, and line manage, the academic staff within the Department, with “dotted line” management of the Departmental Manager.

Responsible for the recruitment of the Department’s staff, in accordance with the Department Plan, and also for their development and workload allocation.

Responsible for the budget management and business planning of the Department (with business support being provided by Finance, HR, Planning, Marketing, REO and the Departmental Manager) and to ensure appropriate compliance with the Institution’s financial regulations.

Responsible for the co-ordination and strategic alignment of all of the activities of the Department in liaison with the Department management team.

Responsible for organizing Department-wide meetings of staff, as required.

Represent the Department internally and externally, as required.

Promote equality of opportunity in all aspects of the Department's activities and business.

Promote a positive collegial environment for all staff and students in the Department. Students and curriculam

Develop and maintain a range of programmes which are highly regarded internally and externally.

Develop the process of teaching and learning and create a productive and well-regarded learning environment for students in a manner consistent with the EXIN vision.

Work with Marketing and Student Recruitment on recruitment and conversion events throughout the academic cycle, ensuring that appropriate academic staff are present at all events.

Contribute to the development of the international dimension through student recruitment and exchange.

Foster a student-centred approach in order to enhance all aspects of the student experience and be committed to the recruitment and retention of students at all levels and from all backgrounds.

Support approaches which assist students to maximise informed choices for outcomes after graduation, in line with the latest version of EXIN Careers and Destinations strategy. Research and engagement

Create and foster relationships with academic staff at other institutions and appropriate external agencies in order to promote the aims of the Department and EXIN more widely.

Contribute to the strategic leadership of the Institution as a member of the Executive Board and to take collective responsibility for the running of the Institution; contributing to or chairing internal committees and working groups and representing EXIN externally, as required.

Acting as a key communication channel between the Executive Board and Department staff to ensure that there is a two-way flow of information and ideas.

Contribute to the development and implementation of EXIN policies and procedures.

His Roles of Senior Partner and Managing Partner


o    Financial and Business Performance


o     including the manner in which She discharges her responsibility for managing the business and financial aspects of the Team/Department/Division for which she is performing well as responsible for

o    Achieving superior financial performance;

o    Maintaining good financial disciplines;

o    Working hard and demonstrating long term engagement and commitment.


He is responsible for leading the firm as Top level Managing Partner needs some clarity about the authority delegated to him.

o    Responsible for the economic performance of the firm

o    Lead the Partnership in establishing a clear vision and strategy for the Firm

o    Establish and maintain forward-looking, efficient and effective management of the Firm


Client Relationship Management


o    Nurturing our client base.

o    Fulfilling the on-going requirement to deliver excellent service to clients in the context of their particular needs.

o    Working to produce new solutions which create value to the clients.

o    Consistently providing streamlined cost-effective services.

o    Effectively building, developing and maintaining strong client relationships.


o    Contribution to the Firm as an Institution,


o    Knowledge Management and Solutions including –

o    Taking responsibility in an effective manner for the management of the firm, its various management functions (eg marketing, IT, compliance), its departments and its sub-groups.

o    Contributing creatively to the strategic planning of the firm and its implementation.

o    Contributing to the building of the firm’s Intellectual Property including precedents, templates, case management  and workflows.

o    Assisting in the development of leading edge Knowledge Management and high level technical know-how

o    Demonstrating though his actions and the actions of the team compliance with the firm’s policies and procedures including regulatory compliance and good practice in relation to the firm’s own policies on disbursements, bad debts and client care.

o    Actively helping build the firm’s processes and systems which contribute to the firm’s  ability to grow its business including quality control/improvement, governance and management structure.

o    Contributing to the development of a homogeneous culture and esprit de corps.

o    Demonstrating the visions and values of the firm by example rather than in words alone.



Self-Development and Self-Leadership


o    Evidencing continued development and commitment to developing competence and skills and challenging oneself to expand personal comfort zones.

o    Acquiring new expertise and skills valuable to the firm.

o    As a role model, demonstrating confidence and self belief, consistently acting with integrity and naturally trusted by others.

o    Providing an example of being self-initiating, self starting, self learning, committed and engaged.

o    Displaying the ability to pursue goals with a deep sense of purpose and direction.


Powers and responsibilities:


His responsibility to the Partnership for the effective management of the Firm, the Managing Partner often has a range of executive powers to enable her to lead, manage and remain in overall control of the firm on an operational basis and to deliver the Objectives of the Firm.  He manages and remain in overall control of the management of the Firm (and each office) within it on an operational basis

o    Ensured that the Partners and Fee Earners are effective in the delivery of the Firm’s services to its clients and do so profitably

o    Lead the Management Team in developing, for approval by the Partners at appropriate times, the Firm’s business and operational plan, including budgets, so as to achieve maximum profitability

o    Have the power, subject where appropriate to agreement by the Board to authorize all budgeted expenditure, and to have some authority over unbudgeted expenditure

o    Ensured that the Firm’s Budget and Business Plan are implemented and that progress is monitored regularly throughout the year

o    Implemented the agreed Partner disciplines of the Practice and to monitor and police all Partner Accountabilities

o    Taken such executive decisions, in conjunction with the Board, as may appear from time to time necessary in order to secure the smooth running, management, profitability and leadership of the profit centre

o    Co-ordinated and control the Firm’s drawing policy, including changes in the drawing policy

o    To be responsible for the appointment, removal and performance assessment of the Department Heads and Management Team






·         Analysis & Problem Solving

·         Business Acumen

·         Client Service

·         Communication

·         Decision Making and Judgment

·         Listening

·         Managing Time

·         Managing Work

·         Team work

·         Working within the Firm



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