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Image Consulting

Image Consulting


  • Image Consulting is a service industry, a field of work wherein Image Consultants help clients to improve their appearance for personal or professional reasons.
  • Image Consulting is a professional field wherein clients hire an Image Consultant to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their Image is consistent or congruent with their personal, social, and/or professional roles and goals—with what they want to accomplish in life.
  • Image Consulting is an art form. The Image Consultant is the artist. The canvas is the individual client. Our medium is clothing, grooming, and body language—an art form the client gets to wear time and time again.
  • Image Consulting is the active process of learning about the individual or group client, then passing Image information to the client, then applying that information to the client to achieve a positive visible change or transformation.
  • Image Consulting is the process of helping clients exercise greater control over the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence through the elements of Image—clothing, grooming, and body language, including etiquette.
  • Image Consulting is the process of empowering clients to reflect or project the confidence and competence that comes from an authentic, appropriate, and attractive appearance for any personal, social, or professional situation.
  • Image Consulting is a process entered into for the purpose of enabling clients to get out of a rut, get more confident, get more respect, get a date, get a job, get a promotion, get a child to listen, get a spouse to pay more attention, get off the couch, get out and get involved in the community.
  • Image Consulting is the process of creating a positive visual Image. It can sometimes be a matter of appearance to impress, but more often is a matter of appearance to influence. Rather than appearance for success, it is about appearance for excellence and success will follow.
  • Full-service Image Consulting or Image Management Consulting includes individual counseling or coaching and group lecture, seminar, or workshop presentations—with content that ranges from makeup consultation and application to wardrobe evaluation and personal shopping: from self-branding and business etiquette to social networking and public speaking.
  • Image Consulting continues to be on the rise, while many industries are floundering due to economic recession. As more people learn about Image experts, they are seeking their services. More men are becoming interested in Image services, “creating more opportunities for those entering the Image Consulting field.”

Image Management Consulting is a fascinating profession wherein the Image Consultant can truly make a positive difference in people’s lives and in society as a whole.


What You Learn

EXIN trains the students along the following lines so that they will be able to accomplish the following tasks successfully:-

Students are trained to help people look better so they feel better—more confident and capable.

An Image Consultant does what it takes to help people look better so they feel better, do better, other people treat them better.

An Image Consultant takes an objective inventory of details about a client’s Image that can be improved with change.

EXINIANS are trained to  work in order  to bring out the best in their client, to create a positive visible improvement or transformation in client appearance. Image Consultants generally tell the client what to do and may do it for them.

An Image Consultant transforms the outside to reflect the inside—Image from the inside out.

They are trained to work with clients as a counselor or coach to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, and/or upgrade their self-presentation—the way in which they present themselves in personal, social, and/or professional situations.

Students are taught to counsel and advise people on personal appearance and self-presentation, specifically clothing, grooming, and body language which includes manners and etiquette. Some Image Consultants may deal with voice, public speaking and media training.

Students are taught to advise individual and group clients on personal appearance, lifestyle, personal style, body build, posture, and coloring, and grooming. Some may also advise regarding body language, social etiquette and business protocol, speech and communication. They generally offer personal shopping services.

EXINIANS are taught how to guides/leads clients through an orderly process, wherein they analyze or evaluate a client’s appearance, lifestyle, personal style, and wardrobe in relation to their roles and goals to help them create a positive Image and therefore a positive impression—on themselves and on others.

An Image Consultant guides clients in presenting themselves at their best, in achieving their highest potential so that they achieve more of what is possible in them and in their lives.

An Image Consultant transfers Image information through an orderly process in private individual consultations, coaching sessions over the phone, as well as group lectures, seminars, workshops, and retreats—whatever environment facilitates learning most efficiently and effectively.

An Image Consultant interviews an individual client to learn about lifestyle, personal style, and Image goals. Next they evaluate or analyze the client’s wardrobe in relation to what they learned. Then they create a plan to accomplish needed changes, the goal being consistency or total harmony from head to toe.

An Image Consultant becomes an expert in strategic clothing and strategic shopping for the purpose of improving a client’s self-presentation in personal, social, and professional roles—enabling them to forget about themselves and get on with their day and their life

What an Image Consultant does for one client will differ from what he or she does for any other client. Each new client brings a new set of variables to work with—body build, personal coloring, personality, lifestyle, perceptions, and preferences. Each new client requires a personalized set of solutions according to his or her needs. The amount of time required to accomplish the changes depends on the extent of the plan—how many and the type of changes. A wardrobe update takes less time than weight loss.

Within the business or political arena, the goal is to improve the client’s self-presentation, to build his or her personal brand Image, and to advance personal marketing—all to distinguish the client from the crowd.

The best part of this wonderful job is watching first hand as clients achieve success never before imagined as they present themselves with style and grace, ease and confidence in even the most stressful situations.

Regardless of who or how many people an Image Consultant works with, results for the client tend to be long lasting, leading to a greater overall sense of well-being and increased level of personal success.

How You Learn

EXINIANS are trained on the following skills:-

  • Lifestyle analysis/evaluation
  • Personality analysis/evaluation
  • Personal style analysis/evaluation
  • Figure/Body analysis/evaluation
  • Style (line and shape) selection and coordination
  • Personal coloring analysis/evaluation
  • Color selection and coordination
  • Fabric selection and coordination
  • Pattern selection and coordination
  • Wardrobe analysis/evaluation
  • Wardrobe selection and coordination
  • Accessory selection and coordination
  • Clothing for special occasions
  • Wardrobe/fashion styling
  • Strategic clothing
  • Strategic shopping
  • Clothing care and storage
  • Body hygiene
  • Hair care and styling
  • Makeup selection, coordination, application
  • Makeover process
  • Makeup for media
  • Impression Management
  • Body language
  • Social, business and dining etiquette
  • International and military protocol Business casual issues
  • Clothing code development
  • Executive coaching
  • Personal/self-branding
  • Corporate/company Image
  • Uniform clothing
  • Interview Image
  • Speech and public speaking
  • Communication style
  • Conversation skills
  • Media training
  • Wellness
  • Retail training

Career Opportunities

  • Image Consultant
  • Soft skills trainer
  • Fashion Stylists

Duration of the Course: 3 months

Application Process


Interested candidates must have appeared/passed the CBSE/ISCE/ISC/Regional Board (or any other equivalent board) 10+2 examination in any discipline. Candidates who have recently appeared for the examination and are awaiting their results may also apply.


We, at EXIN follow the following evaluation procedures for admission to its various courses. Candidates have to undergo:

The admission procedure to various courses at EXIN follows the method of:


1. An admission test.

2. An all-inclusive interview.

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