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Skin & Hair Styling

Skin and Hair Styling


The Importance of choosing a high quality hair and makeup school is immense. Most of the beauty colleges are more concerned about making money than teaching students about beauty.  This often leads to them providing an inadequate education .If students do not learn, they will struggle in the workplace.  Most workers in the beauty industry work single-handedly.

 The worker will struggle to meet their client’s needs if they do not learn properly during training. This may ruin the worker’s professional reputation.  For example, if a make-up artist cannot do special FX makeup on a TV show, they may not be able to work with that network again.

Breaking into the beauty industry involves a lot of hard work. This field is extremely competitive.  Beauty professionals need to have a good skill set from the very outset. When combined with enthusiasm, a friendly manner and a good portfolio it will lead one to a successful career.

 Employers look upon people with a good education.  A graduate from a reputable beauty school is more likely to get work.  Someone who attended a school that is known for taking shortcuts will not know the essential skills.

What You Learn

People who style their own hair and apply make-up regularly often have the wrong notion that they have the skills to work in the beauty industry.  This is not true.  Both hair stylists and makeup artists need to have special skills .They can only be acquired by attending a good beauty school.

Listed below are some of the skills one will learn:-

  • How to work on different hair and skin types
  • Tips that only industry insiders know
  • How to make customers feel comfortable on the makeup
  • How to apply basic, wedding, television and film makeup
  • How to cut, dye and style hair

Applying one’s own makeup is completely different from working as a makeup professional.  Every beauty school should teach makeup artists and hair stylists the skills they need to excel in the beauty world.

How You Learn

EXINIANS are taught the following through different modules:-

Description, importance and types of skin care

  • Form of the skin.
  • Factors that affect skin health and skin diseases
  • Tools, equipments and devices used for body care
  • Description and importance of skin types
  • Description and importance of diagnosing the skin.

             Skin care applications

  • Description and features of basic make-up
  • Description and features of ornamental cosmetics which are used basic make-up applications
  • Face shapes’ description and features in basic make-up applications
  • Determining and importance of skin color in basic make-up applications

Basic make-up techniques

  • Basic make-up applications
  • Analyzing the effects of the light and the color on make- up
  • Cosmetic Product Knowledge
  • Wetting agents.
  • Antioxidants
  • Cleaning creams and lotion types
  • Hand creams and lotion
  • Masks
  • Skin whitening creams
  • Hair and Skin Diseases Knowledge

Missions, importance and description of hair

  • Anatomical structure and features of healthy hair
  • Hair diseases and treatments.
  • Missions, importance and description of skin
  • Anatomical structure and physiology of healthy skins

Skin diseases and treatments

  • Skin Care
  • Description, importance and types of special faces’ care
  • Treatment ways and applications of “acne”
  • Chemical peeling treatments and applications methods
  • Description of tools used in special faces’ treatment
  • What is the medical skin care and its application methods?
  • Description of “Botox” and various types of filling material

 Basic Make-up

  • Color knowledge
  • Color groups
  • Color tones and accordance
  • Physiological effects
  • Features of the face
  • Ways of correcting facial defects
  • Shaping eye-brows and lash
  • Description and importance of basic, morning, evening and bride make-up
  • Stages and applications of morning, evening and bride make-up

Cosmetic Product Knowledge

  • Products which make de pigmentation
  • Sun protectors
  • Chemical peelings
  • Classifying and ingredients of hair care cosmetics
  • Hair types and care products
  • Important points while choosing hair care cosmetics

Career Opportunities

  • Hair Stylist
  • Make Up Artist
  • Make Over Artist
  • Hairdresser
  • Cosmetology

Duration of the Course: 3 months

Application Process


Interested candidates must have appeared/passed the CBSE/ISCE/ISC/Regional Board (or any other equivalent board) 10+2 examination in any discipline. Candidates who have recently appeared for the examination and are awaiting their results may also apply.


We, at EXIN follow the following evaluation procedures for admission to its various courses. Candidates have to undergo:

The admission procedure to various courses at EXIN follows the method of:


1. An admission test.

2. An all-inclusive interview.

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