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Life Style & Fashion Business & EDP

Life style Business Management


A lifestyle business is set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income. It also provides a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle. Some types of enterprise are more accessible than others for the would-be lifestyle business person. Those requiring extensive capital are difficult to launch and sustain on a lifestyle basis .Others such as small creative industries businesses are more practical for sole practitioners.

Lifestyle businesses typically have limited scalability and potential for growth. Such growth would destroy the lifestyle for which their owner-managers set them up.  Lifestyle businesses can win awards and provide satisfaction to their owners and customers. If sufficient high-quality creative producers begin to naturally cluster together, the perception of a place can be radically changed.

These are firms that rely heavily on founder skills, personality, energy, and contacts. Their founders create them to exercise personal talent or skills, achieve a flexible schedule .They work with other family members, remain in a desired geographic area, or simply express themselves.  Without the founder’s deep personal involvement, such businesses are likely to flounder. Professional investors are therefore rarely involved with lifestyle businesses.

How You Learn

An intensive appreciation of fashion business, retailing and anatomy gives the student an in-depth understanding of the fashion product and its manufacturing process. The curriculum is well structured which will help to build sound grounds for Fashion & Lifestyle Business competencies. Core technical areas are Fashion Product Development and Fashion Marketing. Due stress is also laid on Fashion Retailing, Fashion Logistics and Operations Management, Production Planning and Control Systems, Visual Merchandising and Retail Operations are highlighted in this course.

The main aim of the course is to provide opportunity to students to learn about product development and international sourcing .They also get to know about retailing, marketing and digital marketing and business management. The students throughout the course get the capacity, the drive, and the value-based professional competence to address varied situations in the world of work. The course hones the initiative, innovation and judgment with intellectual acumen that helps to formulate develop and communicate conceptual arguments which is rooted in a holistic perspective of the business context.

The final module of the course enables students of diverse background to graduate as highly competent professionals. They are capable of decision-making and have a hands-on competency which is suited to the domestic and international fashion market and fashion lifestyle industry.  A final project enable them to apply their knowledge on a pragmatic ground which ensures that students are adept both theoretically and practically. The pathway also engages students with real world experiences. A fair mix of theoretical knowledge and practical familiarities is achieved to foster learning. The primary feature of the course is the continuous optimization of knowledge: theory, product and processes, through self-development, innovation, thought leadership and creative management.

What You Learn

EXIN trains the students along the following lines:-

  • Find out What You Are good at and Focus on It- They key to starting a successful lifestyle business is to be hyper focused on one thing and be the best at it. Every lifestyle business needs to find its thing, the one thing where you have a decent shot of being the best at. Otherwise, one will simply blend in with the rest of the pack.
  • Make Decisions and Execute-In the beginning when you have no clue what you are doing, it’s easy to sit on the sidelines until you are sure which path to take. The problem however is that you’ll never know which path to take unless you pick something and go for it. EXIN teaches its students how to take the correct decision and execute it.
  • Build and Own As Much As You Can-Many people who start their own online business want to outsource as much as it is possible.  Many would be entrepreneurs take shortcuts and rely on third party services to run their websites for them. While going this route may reduce your time to market, one should not rely on a 3rd party that will limit one’s flexibility and potentially put one at their mercy in the future. One should be self-sufficient while working in this field.
  • Understand the Underlying Principles of What You Are Outsourcing-Sometimes it make sense to outsource certain parts of your business that will be time-saving. EXIN helps students in understanding the underlying principles of what one tries to outsource.
  • Establish a routine and stick with it-The key to starting a successful business is to not burn oneself out and getting things done all at once. One should establish a set routine and plan on slowly making progress over time.
  • Treat Your Customers like Royalty-EXINIANS are taught how to treat one’s customers. When one treats a customer with the utmost of respect, they will return the favor and tell their friends about business. On the flip side, if one treats a customer poorly, one can lose a lot more than just a single customer.

Skills You Learn

One is taught the following skills-

  • HTML skills- With the digitalization of PR, online communication is paramount. This will require a bit more skill than the typical use of a keyboard and mouse. One will need basic coding skills that can go a long way in equipping one’s client. Here are just a few of the applications of HTML in everyday public relations:
  • Creating a unique landing page for a Face book profile
  • Drafting and editing e-newsletters
  • Writing guest or corporate blogs
  • Tailoring a press release to be Web-friendly
  • Embedding multimedia items into pitches, emails, and other written content
  • Reworking a Web page with new messaging
  • Newsletters and auto responder’s knowledge- These emails are sent after the recipient has taken a specific action. Since it’s a timely campaign, trigger-based emails translate into higher open rates. Behavior-based emails, for example follow-up emails are personalized. They relate to a situation the customer was in and they are a natural step in your customer’s journey. Auto responder campaigns get twice the average open rate as compared to conventional newsletters.  These emails are sent automatically. With Newsletter2Go, one can create and send all sorts of trigger email campaigns. One can set up triggers based on contact traits.
  • Copywriting- Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. Unlike news or editorial writing, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action. It may include how to purchase, opt-in, or engage with a product, service, or company. Copyright means an individual or company has the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute someone’s work. The purpose of a copyright is to protect that material. It shall prevent illegal use of it by unauthorized agents.

Career Opportunities

  • Assistant Merchandiser
  • Assistant Sourcing Manager
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Assistant Buyer
  • Research Analyst
  • Assistant Visual Merchandiser
  • Assistant Digital Marketer
  • Assistant Consumer
  • Relationship Manager
  • Personal Shopper Assistant
  • Store Manager


Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Entrepreneurship usually refers to the process of imagining opportunities and taking action o create value through new ventures. Certificate in entrepreneurship development programme is designed in order to train the individuals to find new business opportunities. The course is designed to train students from both urban and rural areas to make them potential entrepreneurs and self dependant.

The programme is designed as a learning activity and enables students to practice activities like researching for new products, implementing new service ideas, producing a business plan with financial reports, and identify resources to implement the plan.

The learners gets equipped with the professional knowledge of identify and refine market opportunities, how to secure financing, how to develop and evaluate business plans, and also learn to manage strategic partnership.

Students are also made acquainted with the knowledge of management, leadership, motivation, decision making, conflict management, human resource development and marketing and sustaining an organization. Students also acquire the knowledge of accounting practices and finance.

The course also trains with skills and knowledge required to start their own business. This certificate aims at achieving success and gaining a new economic level for the country. Entrepreneur exists in all societies and can create quality professionals with the right training.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme At Exin

EXIN prepares the students with the essential skills and effective strategies for working in and managing innovative organizations and even starting new ones. The course is implemented by the faculties in a way which will constantly engage and inspire them to be the best in the field.

The module of the course is designed to introduce the basics through innovative methods for a better understanding of the students. The knowledge and skills acquired at EXIN is customized to fit in for both the employers and job seekers.

The faculties at EXIN helps its learners to undergo the training in the most flexible and entertaining ways which I being enjoyed by its learners and at the same time skills learnt in this way almost become rooted deeply and remains as a quality many years later even.

EXIN emphasizes on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation along with the ability to analyze the role of entrepreneurship in society.



Duration of the Course: 1 year


Application Process



Interested candidates must have appeared/passed the CBSE/ISCE/ISC/Regional Board (or any other equivalent board) 10+2 examination in any discipline. Candidates who have recently appeared for the examination and are awaiting their results may also apply.


We, at EXIN follow the following evaluation procedures for admission to its various courses. Candidates have to undergo:

The admission procedure to various courses at EXIN follows the method of:

  1. An admission test
  2. An all-inclusive interview
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