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CAD 2D & 3D


Name of Course :


 Introduction to basic Engg. Drawing

 Overview on Absolute Co-ordinate system

 Relative Co-ordinate System

 Polar Co-ordinate System

 Line, Break, Erase, Undo commands

 Trim, Offset, Fillet, Chamfer commands

 Arc, Circle commands

 Move, Copy, Array commands

 Insert Block, Make Block -

 Scale, Rotate, Hatch Commands

 Templates, Inserting drawings, Layers

 Creating multi layers

 Dimensioning drawings

 Creating styles in dimensioning

 3D, 3D primitives

 Extrude, Revolve command

 Sweep, loft, draft editing of 3D drawings

 Subtract, union, intersect commands

 Setting User co-ordinate Systems

 Rotating, Plotting, Print preview PRACTICALS

 Exercise on basic reading of drawing

 Demo on Auto CAD, Drawing layouts, Tool bars, File creation, Save, Open existing drawings, creation of Drawing Sheet as per ISO.

 Exercises using Absolute Co-ordinate system - Exercises using Relative Co-ordinate System, Polar Co-ordinate System.

 Practice using Trim, Offset, Fillet, Chamfer Commands

 Practice using Arc, Circle commands

 Practice using Move, Copy, Array, Insert Block, Make Block, Scale, Rotate, Hatch Commands

 Practice using Creating templates, Inserting drawings, Layers

 Practice using Dimensioning drawings, Creating styles in dimensioning.

 Drawing practice using 3D primitives, Extrude,

 Revolve command

 3D drawing by using User co-ordinate systems.

 Plotting, Print preview 

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